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[BFF] Liste de jeux supportant le FFB avec vjoy/BFF

Démarré par njz3, Mercredi 06 Octobre 2021, 08:04:55 AM



Would it be possible to merge this type of functionality from xoutput program into the backforcefeeder app to allow switching profiles for loading an xinput configuration for games that support it? This would be amazing and it would support ALOT more games and emulators and also much much easier through just one app. ^-^



Hi Snes,
In the BFF, I use the vJoy (virtual joystick) driver to emulate a racing wheel. I slightly modified it to support better forcefeedback effects, as the original one from Shaul is missing important features on this aspect which made it buggy for a long time.
This vJoy driver is based on kernel-mode Windows driver and emulated an HID controller with support for DirectInput only. The cost to modify, rebuild and certify the driver is very high for a hobbyist solution like mine. So it is now almost a dead project. Furthermore, and sadly, there is an uncompatibilty with windows 11, which will latter make it a dead solution.

So what about xoutput and why not migrating to it?
The xouput software use ViGem, which is another virtual controller driver, that is only Xinput (Xbox) based. As far as I know (and as published by Microsoft), xinput based controllers cannot perform any force feedback effects except rumble. Thats's probably why you added the virtual spring effect in the BFF for those games, and only felt rumble (vibrations) from the game itself.

For an xinput sterring wheel controller, any game that want to use a true FFB should go directly to the HID level (or at a manufacturer device dependant protocol like Logitech or Thrustmaster), which basically means it will fall back to DirectInput if it needs to support generic steering wheels with FFB.

To sum up : I would not spend to much time looking into xinput virtual driver support in the BFF, as it strongly limits the FFB possibilities, and better find an alternative solution with an HID or DirectInput emulation. I may stick with vJoy if I achieve to get a second Windows 11 computer to allow kernel driver debugging, and hopefully somebody will help to certify the new vJoy driver.

My other plan is to integrate something with an Arduino Due board, close to what other people solution offer like MMos, VNM, ESP, ... giving a hardware emulation at the HID levels with very good performance. This will introduce some costs for the final user, but it offers an independance with the Microsoft certification road.


Hi njz3

Yes ,I understand.
It was only a suggestion to allow a additional games to work with this solution.

Would something more useful be like the usbqemu wheel mod for the Pcxs2 emulator? It's essentially a .DLL as a plugin that converts the directinput commands to vendor specific (logitech) commands which allows full proper force feedback with compatible games.

Can something similar to this be integrated into this solution?
Having it able to convert to vendor specific will be very beneficial for it's longevity as that's what all modern game's use for wheel support...of course it's not an easy ask, I just would like to hear if it's even feasible and possible to do?

Let me know if there is anything I can help with. You mentioned you needed a second computer for testing? I may be able to help you.



I am not sure how to integrate usbqemul with BFF.
I know that x360ce usually deploys a xinput.dll (and often dinputXX.dll) that redirects most xinput API to dinput to use your old gamepads, but I am not sure about the other way around.

As for the wheel support on modern games, I would definitly suggest to try Gimx that emulates Logitech G27 at a HID level which should be enough for most games (and it even works with real console !).
Bandicoot sends me a Gimx stick a long time ago and I was able to use it with my PS3. The setup was a little combursome, but it worked. Same for some PC games I tried (don't remember but was probably the Steam free version of Project Cars and RaceRoom), they did work nicely and thought there was a logitech wheel plugged in.



Ok that's something for another project some day.
I ran the "Make_vJoy_RacingWheel.reg" file works sooo much better for all games tested so far...Now even newest Grid legends,all F1 games,dirt rally and more work 100% with great results.

But now I have a problem with all the  teknoparrot games - there is no steering friction when I turn the steering to the left. There is only force when I turn to the right. Is this a bug or did I forget to configure something?

edit: Found the fix for anyone else who might have the same issue.
Go into each game directory load the FFBPluginGUI.exe and enable "AlternativeFFB" in the Force Feedback setup. The force feedback effects should work as expected after this (i think the steering and ffb effects are much nicer after running "Make_vJoy_RacingWheel.reg").
The gas and brake pedals need to be remapped for each game too.


I have tried to play crazy taxi 3 after the .reg change to steering wheel, but the brakes aren't mapping at all.
Does anyone here have a solution for this? It's strange there are a few other games I'm trying to get working with the same mapping issue...
I have tried changing the vjoy configuration and added "rz" in the axis, go back in the game and the brake works but the accelerator doesnt.
Anyone have any idea what it could be?


Hi Snes,
Bandicoot may answer you as is the right guy for Crazy Taxi 3. I believe he use combined axis for pedals or something related to this.
Thanks for the solution about the issue when patching the register and using alternative FFB, will save time for many people !


Hi njz3, thanks for answering.
How do you enable combined axis?

also would like to share a new update

Validated FFB for Grid Legends after registry patch.

Other games that work better with .reg patch and don't need to be set as controllers in the options any more - as they are detected as real wheels.
Dirt rally 2.0
Dirt 4
Grid 2019
every F1 game from 2015-2021
Need for Speed hot pursuit 2010 is now full FFB effects.

Games that are not working after .reg patch so far
Crazy Taxi steam cant bind axis
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 no FFB


Sorry I can't help for Crazy Taxi 3. Maybe if Bandicoot has a look to this post he can answer you.
For the .reg, it is possible to revert with another reg file.


for crazy taxi 3
when you calibrate :
push brake when it ask you for accelerate ( just one time)
push accelerate when it ask you for brake  ( just one time)
it should work
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every bandicoot msg = about Crazy taxi 3 :)  hahah :D


Thanks heaps.
Hopefully this method also fixes a couple other games that have similar issues.

Will give It a try on Need for Speed 2015 as well as the mapping behaves just as strange.

Thanks again.


Some new games to add to the list after patching the registry to wheel.

Grid Legends [FFB:] Yes if patch registry [LAN:] Online PVP
WRC Series [FFB:] Yes if patch registry [LAN:] Online PVP
V-Rally 4 [FFB:] Yes if patch registry [LAN:] Online PVP
NFS Pro Street [FFB:]  [LAN:] Online Untested

Other games that partially work:
NFS 2015 Brake & Accelerate issues, keeps constantly revving engine when idle. (This is a game bug not compatible with Vjoy)
Driver San Fransisco (Requires ini config to work, works well but cant get accelerator pedal to detect)

After patching the registry to allow device to be seen as steering wheel, the below games FFB doesn't work consistently anymore. Sometimes unplugging the usb or restarting BFF gui fixes the issue. Sometimes not.
Burnout Paradise 2008
Need for Speed:Most Wanted 2012
Split Second

Crazy taxi steam version doesn't detect any of the axis at all now.
Also, i couldnt get crazy taxi 3 to work with the suggested settings. i gave up on that one.

EDIT: has anyone tested F1 2022 yet? I might sign up for EA play for a month to test this title.


i'll will show you my vjoy tweak and send my ctaxi3.cfg , to show if it's work after that , perphaps tomorrow
Edit :  excuse for late i'll try to send you quickly
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Excusez mes fautes d'orthographe , je tape vite et ne me relis qu'en diagonale , mais j'espère ne pas être le pire :)


Tested two more games.
F1 2021 [FFB:] Yes if patch registry [LAN:]LAN
F1 2022 [FFB:] Yes if patch registry [LAN:]LAN


NFS 2015 [FFB:] Yes (pedals need to be configured as Full Range) [LAN:]Online

I tried testing Forza Horizon 5 but unfortunately the latest update killed vJoy compatibility, the game kept crashing in intro screen with vJoy enabled...I also tested Forza Horizon 4, and although you can map the controls, for some reason i couldn't get any FFB effects - I will try again later.
I also tested Dirt 5, and it seems the device shows up in the controls menu, but the buttons don't get mapped when i edit them...I tried to start a game and the FFB was actually working but I couldn't steer my car. I will try and test with the legit copy, as the version i tried may have been unpatched.