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Alimentation, Electricité / Sega G-loc deluxe motor power supply
« le: Lundi 31 Mai 2021, 19:27:48 pm »

In case anyone want's to sell me a spare board, or repair mine for a good price - let me know please!  >:D

Alimentation, Electricité / Sega G-loc deluxe motor power supply
« le: Samedi 06 Février 2021, 22:40:38 pm »
Are you sure the new components are all OK?
Have you checked them before soldering? Especially if they were bought from Chinese sellers on eBay or AliExpress.

They are all new, from Mouser, not from China.
I was testing them one-by-one with that transistor/diode/capacitor/resistors tester device.

Are you also sure that one of the 15 volt power supplies is not shorted? Have you tried to unsolder diodes D3, D9..D11 one by one to check it.

I have tested all secondary circuits, by removing L2, applying 18v from lab power supply to L2 outputs 11,10 and 14,13 -  checking that voltage regulators (IC5, IC6) correcty drive down this 18v to 15v.

12v in case of "fan" output, all of them work.
15v in case of 8,7 outputs.

No shorts. L2 is new from Per.

Alimentation, Electricité / Sega G-loc deluxe motor power supply
« le: Jeudi 28 Janvier 2021, 06:50:44 am »
Hello everyone,
I'm sorry for writing in English, but my French is 0.

I'm trying to repair G-Loc motorboard, and little bit stuck, becuase my understanding of analog electronics is not so good.

I have 2 board, one of them now work fine, anotherone has problems with delivering voltage to Q1 gate.
On working board there is +3v after R21b, on the bad one - +0v
Something is sinking +3v to Ground, so Q1 does not open.

Also, on my board R23 and C15 are in series, not parallel as posted here before. D6 is reversed.
My board had Q1 dead (blown), I have replaced it, also replaced L2 transformer with a new one, thanks to Per.

I have changed C15, R23, ZD2, R25, PC1, D4, R22, C16, D6, R28, R27, ZD1, D5 and Q1 with new parts.
Did not help. Something still sinks 3v after R21B to GND.

If I (for testing) remove L2 transformer and R22 resistor - then Q1 gate gets exactly 3 volts, as it should.

What can be wrong?

All circuits after the L2 are tested and work fine.
As a bonus info PC910 optocouplers can be replaced 1-to-1 with Everlight 6N137, they are the exactly same and tested to work fine.

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