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>>> Berzerk & Frenzy Control Panel Repro's <<<
« le: Mercredi 30 Décembre 2009, 12:02:58 pm »
  • Excuse me for posting this in English, my French is not good enough to translate it, maybe someone can do it here ? I just thought the news was too important to not post here !

    Clmoore (Chris) from the KLOV forum is taking pre-orders for a new
    (and probably the last) run of Berzerk AND Frenzy Control Panels. This is
    not an overlay or something like that but the full metal panel including
    of course the artwork directly screened on it. These will look fabulous !

    The price (excl. shipping) will be 75 Dollar for Berzerk and 100 Dollar
    for Frenzy.

    The minimum pre-order required is 50 for Berzerk and 30 for Frenzy.

    Check out the info here:

    And here's the thread about the pre-ordering on KLOV:

    There are some more pictures from the first run he had done some time
    ago in the thread about my Berzerk:

    So, If you own a Berzerk of Frenzy, this may be your last chance to get a
    minty fresh control panel, don't miss it and pre-order. Of course Chris
    will return all the money if the minimum's are not met.