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Bornes dédiées / Hard Drivin upright - ADSP board no lights
« le: Mercredi 06 Mars 2019, 13:23:05 pm »

I have a Hard Drivin upright that i am trying to restore

I now have managed to get the screen working (Intervideo chassis) - the issue where just some bad solder joints.
I still need to have the Red color fixed, and a new capkit.

Now i can see what the game does at startup, so before i put more energy into the monitor, I want to get the game working

When i power it on it first says that brake pedal is out of adjustment, but I can turn key to continue.

Then I get this message "ADSP timeout error"
A small video

If i look at the diodes at the PCB the most of the lights lights up, but no light in the middle PCB does not light up at all, and that is the ADSP board, if i test the 5V at the 5V test point at the board it is 5.3V

A small video
Things i have done
1.I have put in a new 10A power supply for the 5V, and adjusted the volts so that i have 5.3V at the 5V test tabs on the board.
2. Replaced all the caps on all the game PCB's -> my log can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/s/0n1nutecz4...0log.xlsx?dl=0
3. Cleaned all the socketed chips on the boards.

A note regarding the new power supply - according to the documentation i can find, there must be two sense wires (red/stripe and brown/stripe)
All my wires are red or brown with no stripe, so i have connected them all to the new power supply.

Documentation http://www.jmargolin.com/schem/HardDrivinSchem.pdf

If I test the 12V at the testpoint at the multisync pcb I get 11.5V a little low - I do not know if the ADSP board uses 12V? - there is no 12V test points at the ADSP board.

Do you know where to look to get the ADSP board working, get the LED's to light up? - if you do give me a ping :)

Alimentation, Electricité / Need help with my G-LOC Motor Driver Boards
« le: Mercredi 05 Décembre 2018, 09:27:25 am »

I hope that some one is able to help me.

My issue is that i have three defective G-LOC Motor Driver Boards / cages.
I have one fully working cage but I need two.

I have managed to get all the correct voltages present, but when I test them in my Sega g-loc deluxe there is no movement.
 (only movement if i mount the one powersupply that there is working)

The last year i have tried to find out why but i have not been able to solve the issue, so therefor I reach out to you again in my last hope that some one can help me.

I am willing to ship the cages and all my components for repair and also some money to that person who might be able to help me.  ^-^

I have followed the super guide written by GC339 here https://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=28660.0


I hope that GC339 is still at this board, and might have a hint or two  :)

My issue is that I for the second time has restored two of my powersupplys for my Gloc, but i am unable to get any movement when i test them in my Sega G-loc.

I have one working powersupply, but i need two.

Back in my first post (https://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=36585.msg615688#msg615688) where i also where stuck with no movement,  I for some reason managed to get movement by changing the  ZD6, ZD7 and ZD11 and there where movement.

BUT this time i have tested (no fault), and changed the Z6,ZD7 and ZD11 but still no movement.

All the requried voltages are present. (step 1-4 in https://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=28660.0)
Also all the MOSFETS are OK step 6-8
I have tested all the K422 they are OK

Is there any way that i can narrow it it where the defective component is ?


Bottom PCB

Simulateurs / Sega G-loc down again :(
« le: Jeudi 30 Novembre 2017, 10:47:31 am »
Hi There :)

Goodday to all in the forum, I am writing again because my Sega G-loc deluxe is down again  :'(

I have restored the powersupply in this tread http://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=36585.0

And it had worked great,  I have played the game, and it had been fun :)
But yesterday when I where playing.. suddenly BANG... and power where out and a bad smell....

So now my beloved Sega gloc is down one more time.

I have looked at the powersupply and it is the same one that i rebuild who has failed, the one who is powering the right motor

It seems visual that it is the K1250 mosfet who has been fried

A bit at the corner

What can cause the K1250 to be fried?

Hopefully GC339 and all the other great people who helped me the last time is still around, and see my post :) you where all super help last time

My plan so far..get the energy back :) - take a deep breath, coffie-- think, more coffee and then :)
Remove All the Mosfets at the H bridge and test them all, and replace the bad ones.
But what might had caused the breakdown..?

Kind Regards

Le Bistrot de l'Arcade / GC339? where is he
« le: Mardi 02 Mai 2017, 11:11:35 am »

Does someone know where "GC339" is?
- I have not heard from him the last two months, normal he is around this forum ones a week..

I hope that nothing has happen to him :(

I just want to thank him for his help with my restoration of my powersupply to my sega g loc deluxe.If it not had been for gc339 and his great work and all his help with my sometimes stupid questions, i could not have fixed my power supply, so if someone talks to him - let him know it :)

Kind regards

Alimentation, Electricité / Sega G-loc deluxe motor power supply
« le: Mardi 03 Janvier 2017, 13:45:38 pm »

Fist of all sorry that i write in english in a french forum, but it is the only forum that i have found where there is a person who might be able to help me with my Sega Gloc power supply.

I have read this tread http://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=28660.0  abaut restoring a PSU for a sega gloc deluxe - and first of all I am impressed!!!

I hope that "GC339" is readin my post because i would like to ask for his help :) (if possible)

So now to my question - I have also a defective PSU and i have changed some components, but there is a resistor that i am unable to find on ebay.

Its abaut 2 cm long and has legs almost 1mm - The color codes are Red-Red-Gold-Gold
If i type the color codes into a resistor calculator i get 2.2 Ohms 5%

But all the resistors that i have found physically smaller in size.
I do not know the voltage of the resistor, i assume that it sets the size of the resistor?

I have attached a photo of the resistor that I need - then i hope that you can help me identify it.
Also attached a picture of the place where the resistor is located.

And last i with that i where just as smart as "GC339" or that i lived in france and not i denmark

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