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R tuned

Démarré par Telemacos, Lundi 19 Décembre 2022, 22:05:11 PM


Hi names dan

I'm new here & don't speak French
Salute for good football World Cup.

I just bought a sega r tuned twin
And I have a touring car single cab,..

Looking to try to use a pc to emulate with ffb...
Also I have a Lindbergh/ chihiro & Naomi
So would like to get some driving games going one day
Hopefully ... I have the pwm2m2 also...
Now I'm just trying to get the rest of the way toward
Actually being able to play a driving game with ffb ...

I have also owned.  Ferrari f355 delux &  gti club rosso Italian party

Hoping to get some help towards completed my dream project of being able to play
Sega rally, Daytona, outrun, sr2  ^-


Hello and welcome to the forum. The best solution to convert a JVS game (Lindbergh, Naomi, Ringedge) is the FFB controller Pro. Contact me by private message if you want to buy one.


Thanks Aganyte

I'm having a problem finding the Priviate messages

Ffb pro


Hello @Telemacos,
You click on the profile and you choose:



Thanks Thierry
Regards Dan